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We are very happy to welcome you on our donation programme pages.

Thanks to you, every day, we can pursue our goal towards scientific research and medical treatments. Together, we can promote the high potential projects dedicated to Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Due to incentive laws, to make a donation is far less expensive than it used be. Besides, there are many ways of helping Alliance, whether you are an individual or a company. There is one for every person who is interested to get involved. Help the Alliance !

On behalf of our beloved children, we thank you heartidly.

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If you have an innovative idea for fundraising or wish to create a fundraising event or campaign, please contact us at :

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Every donation is tax-deductible up to 75% within a limit of 470 €. Every donation beyond 470 € is tax-deductible up to 66% within a limit of 20% of your taxable income.

Example: you donate 100 euros to Alliance Sanfilippo. You benefit from a 66 euros tax deduction. You spend 34 euros, the Alliance receives 100 euros.

To help us financially:
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The Regular Support Programme:

Committing oneself to a regular donation ensures a simple and very efficient donation. If you become a regular donator, you will help research in a very active, intense and sustainable way. Besides, recurrent support is cost-effective as it minimizes the donation management processes.

You wish to subscribe to our Regular Support Programme:
• Complete the form : Download the form
• Send it back with your Bank Account Details to:
- Alliance Sanfilippo
9, rue Salignac Fénelon.

Alliance Sanfilippo will take care of the donation process with your Bank.

As soon as we have processed your donation, you will be sent a donation receipt by mail which will enable you to benefit from this tax-deduction (depending on which country you are living in, this deduction may vary). We will send you an annual donation receipt for all the donations you made to our Alliance.

You may cancel your subscription at any time by writing to the adresses above.

Vous nous soutenez ponctuellement :

As soon as we have processed your donation, you will be sent a donation receipt by mail which will enable you to benefit from this tax-deduction (depending on which country you are living in, this deduction may vary).

How can I donate?

Online, with your credit card: click here
With a check to Alliance Sanfilippo

You wish to volunteer: click here

I am a company

Corporate partnerships in a few words… In France, the regulation changed in 2003, allowing the companies to benefit from important tax deductions i.e. a 60% rate, for their donation to non-profit organisations, to the extent that the global donated amount represents less than 0.5% of the company’s total benefit before tax.

Should there be an excess of donation due to the limitation, the company has the opportunity to differ this tax asset during 5 years.

Financial Corporate Support

Your company may financially support Alliance Sanfilippo on a global basis or on a specific program or project. In France, donations are tax deductible at a 60% rate, provided the global amount represents less than 0.5% of your company’s total benefit before tax. You may differ the excess during 5 years.

In-kind donation

In-kind donations can take various forms and they concern any type of products or services: travel expenses, meeting expenses, advertising … We need your support.

Corporate Partnership - Skills

You may choose to help Alliance Sanfilippo by providing us with the help of your staff. Such a commitment offers a great human opportunity to your employees. It is tax deductible: any hour spent to the benefit of the Alliance by your employee is valuated and deducted as a regular donation.

Sales Corporate Support

It is a very efficient and sustainable way of supporting the Alliance. Each time you sell a product or service, a percentage of your turnover is donated to Alliance Sanfilippo. Such a programme is very rewarding in terms of image, both to your customers’, competitors’, business partners’ and employees’ eyes.

Media Corporate Support

You can also help Alliance Sanfilippo by providing material support in the field of communication. You can provide us with space to post a banner on your website, or associate the name of Alliance Sanfilippo to your mailings,corporate newsletters... Media corporate support constitutes a costless and rewarding type of partnership.

Sponsoring an event

You help Alliance Sanfilippo financing a special charity event. The costs are deductible as regular costs.

How can I donate?

With a check: Alliance Sanfilippo
Online, with a company credit card: click here

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