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Dear Families, Dear Friends,
Sanfilippo. Six months ago, neither my husband nor I had ever heard this word. We were the parents of an adorable newborn daughter, and like other parents in that situation, we were just blessing life. Ornella. Our sweet and joyful baby girl… read

Mission Statement
The Sanfilippo Alliance is an organization of parents committed to accelerating the pace of biomedical research in MPSIII. Founded in 2005 by parents of affected children, the organisation aims at becoming a leading provider of support for MPSIII research and resources throughout Europeread

Activities of Alliance Sanfilippo
 At Alliance Sanfilippo, being driven by our commitment to our children has a special meaning.
We have a dream: finding a cure. As soon as possible.
For this reason, we are committed to work intensively and combine reasearchers involvement, biotechs professionalism and families’ energy. We have also committed ourselves to create and maintain a daring culture to organise any partnership that may have positive results for our childrenread

We are very happy to welcome you on our donation programme pages.

Thanks to you, every day, we can pursue our goal towards scientific research and medical treatments. Together, we can promote the high potential projects dedicated to Sanfilippo Syndrome.
Due to incentive laws, to make a donation is far less expensive than it used be.read

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